My research interest are concentrated on Autonomous Vehicles, Sensor Perception, 3D Imaging and Interpretation using LiDAR systems and
Probabilistic Reasoning. My aim is to support UDRC research and primarily focus on: 
  1. WP3 -   Clutter analysis and object detection in complex environments, and 
  2. WP4.2 - Signal processing of full-waveform LiDAR for situational awareness    
My PhD focusses on Investigating two principal scenarios in accordance with DSTL challenges: first, a land-based multi-vehicle multi-sensor; and second an aerial vehicle reconnaissance. A more detailed plan can be found here (poster relating to my work). Research areas I'm deeply interesting in are: 

Computer vision and Signal processing
  • Low-level vision: segmentation and image processing
  • 3D point-cloud (management, analysis and processing)
  • LiDAR - full-waveform processing for situational awareness
  • Video Analytics (past work at BAE Systems) 
Probabilistic reasoning and Machine learning
  • Uncertainty modelling 
  • Bayesian Inference
  • Monte Carlo Simulations

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