Puneet is an University Researcher on the UDRC's "Signal Processing in a Networked Battlefield" programme under Prof. Andrew Wallace and Dr. James Hopgood at Heriot Watt and Edinburgh university. He is also part of the  Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems (ISSS) and VisionLab at Heriot Watt university.

His background is in AI and Robotics and is an Erasmus Mundus Alumni Scholar, European Union's masters program (2007-2009) in Computer VIsion and RoBOTics (VIBOT). After graduating he was employed by BAE Systems in 2009 and left BAE as an Higher Scientist in Dec' 2012. In 2013 he returned to academia in order to commence his doctoral studies.

He has been awarded an EPSRC award for his doctoral studies and his research is partly funded by the MOD. Selected amongst top 15 candidates in the UK, his work on LiDAR Signal Processing was showcased at the ICT Pioneers competition, Queen Elizabeth II centre, London in October 2015.

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